Adult Orthodontic Treatment in McLean

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Why Is Orthodontic Treatment Important for Adults?

Orthodontic treatment is important for adults as it allows them to correct misaligned and crowded teeth. Malocclusions like overbite, underbite, and crossbite dramatically reduce your smile’s visual appeal. Orthodontics helps straighten these misaligned teeth to ensure a perfect set of teeth and a visually appealing smile.

Orthodontics is also important for correcting side effects from infantile habits like thumb and finger sucking. It also helps align your teeth to their correct positions for a proper bite so you can bite and chew your food properly. It’s also great for closing small gaps between teeth and keeping dental decay at bay.

Orthodontic Treatments We Offer



Braces are the most popular type of orthodontic treatment consisting of brackets attached to arch wires that our McLean orthodontist attaches to your teeth. Our orthodontist then tightens the arch wire, causing the brackets to apply constant pressure on your teeth and gently move them into their correct positions.

Clear aligners

Clear Aligners

Patients who find braces too bulky or visually intrusive can settle for clear aligners instead. Clear aligners like Invisalign are removable, transparent plastic trays that patients wear over their teeth to straighten them. These aligners are clear and barely noticeable but work just like traditional braces, applying pressure on the teeth to align them.



Retainers, as the name implies, help retain the corrected teeth in their correct alignments after successful treatment with braces.

What Are the Benefits of Adult Orthodontics?

Enhances Smile and Boosts Confidence

By addressing issues such as crowded or misaligned teeth, orthodontics can alleviate self-consciousness and significantly improve self-confidence. With a revitalized smile, individuals can face the world with renewed assurance and positivity.

Facilitates Easier Oral Cleaning and Maintenance

Straight and properly aligned teeth are simpler to brush and floss, allowing for thorough removal of plaque and food particles. In contrast, misaligned teeth create crevices where debris can accumulate, posing challenges for proper oral hygiene. By improving tooth alignment, orthodontics promotes optimal oral health and reduces the risk of dental issues.

Prevents Dental Problems and Addresses TMJ

Orthodontic treatments not only enhance aesthetics but also help prevent potential dental issues from progressing. Malocclusions and bite misalignments can lead to problems like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. By addressing these concerns, orthodontics helps prevent uneven wear and tear of teeth and alleviates issues such as dental decay. Proper alignment promotes overall oral health and contributes to improved overall well-being.

Check Out These Beautiful Results!

See the difference that orthodontic treatment can make in your smile.

Cross bite

before and after treatment



before and after treatment




Should adults get braces?

Yes, adults should get braces. These orthodontic appliances are just as effective for adults as they are for kids. Adults with malocclusions or crowded teeth should get braces to align their teeth, boost their self-confidence, and improve their oral health. However, only a licensed dentist can determine whether braces are appropriate for your dental situation.

Am I a good candidate for orthodontic treatment?

Dentists recommend orthodontic dental treatments for people of all ages with malocclusions. You might also need orthodontic treatment if you show signs of TMJ like migraines, pain in the jaw while chewing, and jaw locking. However, it's worth noting that you should have reasonably healthy teeth and gums to qualify for orthodontic treatments.

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