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Get a Perfectly Straight and Healthy Smile Locally

Why Choose The McLean Orthodontist?

The McLean Orthodontist team is committed to helping everyone in the Tysons area access quality and compassionate orthodontic services, no matter their age, background, or malocclusion.

Getting a straight smile and a healthy bite shouldn’t be painful, anxiety-inducing, or complicated. Dr. Bobby Marzban and his team will guide you through the entire process and help you make informed decisions regarding your orthodontic treatment.

We provide complimentary consultations in Tysons to encourage you to start your orthodontist journey and learn your best options to straighten your smile.

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Orthodontics for Tysons Patients

If you’re in the Tyson area, here’s what Dr. Bobby Marzban can offer you:


We offer traditional, metal, and ceramic braces to help patients improve their smiles, even if they have a more severe case of malocclusion;

Clear Aligners

You can discreetly straighten your smile with custom clear aligners from McLean Orthodontist;

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Early Treatment

Tysons kids can also get the same level of expert pediatric orthodontic treatments to help their smiles develop healthily.

Adult Orthodontics

It’s never too late to straighten your smile, and our adult orthodontic services are proof of that!

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If you have tooth alignment issues and an unhealthy bite, a Tysons orthodontist is your best chance to get a beautiful and straight smile! At The McLean Orthodontist, we provide Tysons residents with a variety of orthodontic services that help improve confidence in their smiles and ensure their teeth are healthy.

Discover our services below, and get in touch with us today to book your appointment! And if you’re not sure which type of orthodontics you need, don’t worry. See Dr. Bobby Marzban for a short consultation, and you can tap into a fully personalized treatment plan (no strings attached).

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule a visit to The McLean Orthodontist online or call us at (703) 356-8781 for more information.

What Are the Benefits of Visiting an Orthodontist Versus a Dentist?

You may get some form of orthodontic treatment at your general dentist in Tysons, such as clear aligners, but that’s pretty much it. Orthodontists are trained to treat tooth alignment and even jaw issues like overbites and underbites. They can help you access the right treatment even in cases of severe misalignment and perform or recommend additional treatments, such as jaw surgery.

Moreover, if you need braces or have a child who needs early orthodontic treatment, a trained orthodontist is better equipped to deal with these cases than a regular dentist.

Why Should I Choose a Tysons Orthodontist?

Orthodontic treatments usually take a long time, no matter the type of treatment you follow. Throughout it, you’ll need to see your orthodontist routinely so they can monitor your tooth movement and adjust the tray if necessary.

It’s much more convenient to choose a Tysons orthodontist, particularly if you’ll need frequent check-ups or in case of an emergency, like broken braces.

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We’re committed to working with the latest orthodontic tools and techniques, ensuring your visits are comfortable and convenient.

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Our entire team believes in putting patients first by listening to their individual needs and caring for them with respect.

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We provide an array of orthodontic options for people of all ages, catering your treatment to your specific needs.