Signs Your Child May Need Braces

If your child’s smile is a little crooked, you’re probably wondering what orthodontic treatment is right for them. Braces are by far the most popular choice for children. They can improve the jawline, straighten teeth, and help children develop a strong, straight smile.

But how can you tell if braces are suitable for your child? Below, The McLean Orthodontist specialists will share some common signs that your little one may need braces:

Crooked Teeth

If your child’s teeth are crowded or misaligned, that’s a sign they may need braces. These imperfections can make your child’s smile appear crooked, making them more self-conscious about smiling or interacting with peers. This condition can occur due to genetics, mouth breathing, or normal development and may require braces.

Speech Difficulties

Speech difficulties can be caused by various reasons, including misalignment of the teeth and jaw, as well as other structural problems in the mouth. If your child has speech issues, you should talk to your child’s pediatric doctor for assessment.

If Dr. Bobby Marzban notices your child has problems pronouncing words, they will check to determine the root cause and may recommend braces or other types of orthodontic procedures. Other issues, like slurring words, may result from insufficient room in your child’s mouth. In this case, Dr. Marzban will recommend a suitable treatment to expand the lower jaw and create more space.

Difficulty Chewing or Biting

If your little one is having trouble with normal chewing, biting, or speaking clearly, that could be a sign that their teeth are not correctly aligned and may benefit from braces.

Early or Late Tooth Loss

Baby teeth play a significant role in keeping space in the jaw and directing adult teeth properly when they erupt. If your child loses multiple primary teeth too early or too late, it is a sign their permanent teeth may not come in correctly, which could require braces.

Biting Their Cheeks or Tongue

Another reason to consider braces is if your child bites their cheeks or tongue. Braces can help your little one stop biting their cheeks and tongue by providing an even bite. They can also help correct any misaligned or misshaped teeth that may be causing them to bite their cheeks. Braces can also prevent the top and bottom teeth from coming into contact with the tongue and cheeks, preventing further biting.

Visit An Orthodontic Early

The easiest way to tell if your child needs braces in McLean is to visit Dr. Bobby Marzban for a checkup and diagnosis. Doing this in advance is essential because the sooner an issue is identified, the easier it is to treat. This helps catch problems before they become severe, saving you time and money in the long term.

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